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We Answer Your FAQs About Hunter Douglas Interior Shutters

Interior shutters have seen a surge in popularity recently due to their good looks, ability to blend with any decor and durability. If you have been thinking about purchasing interior shutters from Hunter Douglas, but have some questions, we are here to help.

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I Thought Shutters were for Outdoors

A common misconception! While shutters are frequently used on a home’s exterior, they also have a place inside your home. They are made of authentic or faux wood and have a rigid frame. You can tilt the louvers for light control or open the shutters completely for an unobstructed view. Most other window treatments still partially block the top of the window even when raised completely.

Will They Last?

Yes, they will. Today’s consumers are purchasing more eco-friendly products that won’t need frequent replacing, and Hunter Douglas window treatments fit that bill. Interior shutters are permanently affixed to your window, and with a life of at least 20 years, they are the longest-lasting window treatment. You can also refinish natural wood shutters if your decor style changes after you’ve purchased and installed the shutters.

What is the Installation Process?

Installation of interior shutters takes longer than the installation of other window treatments due to being a permanent fixture in your home. A panel is attached to the frame with hinges that allow the shutters to open and close. You can have your interior shutters mounted inside or outside the window frame.

Are They Energy-Efficient?

A significant amount of air escapes from your windows, which raises your utility costs.

Any window covering is more energy-efficient than no window covering. Mounting your shutters on the outside of the window frame will provide more insulation as there will not be side gaps to allow for hardware movement. Authentic wood absorbs more air, whether hot or cold and so provides more insulation than the faux wood variety. When closed, shutters will also help to reduce outdoor noise.

What is Upkeep Like?

You can easily clean your shutters using a microfiber cloth. Simply tilt the louvers and wipe downward, beginning at the top of the shutter. When you’ve finished, reverse the louver direction, and repeat the process. If you have natural wood shutters, be mindful that excess moisture will cause damage, so try to use dry cleaning methods as often as possible. Faux wood shutters can withstand moisture and can be deep cleaned with water if necessary.

Other Info to Know

Since interior shutters are cordless, they are a safer choice for homes with young children and pets. The size of the louver will change the entire look of your shutters. Smaller louvers provide less view-through but complement traditional-style homes well. Contemporary-style homes tend to look better with larger louvers.

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