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Everything is Easier with PowerView® Automation and Motorized Window Treatments

Big, beautiful windows are all the rage these days, but they can be a pain. They decrease your home’s energy efficiency, and constantly adjusting them to control light, temperature, and privacy can be time-consuming. So, what if we told you there was a way to make your home’s most beautiful feature your favorite again? (Spoiler alert: there is.)

PowerViewⓇ Motorization from Hunter Douglas

With PowerViewⓇ Motorization, your Hunter Douglas window treatments become even more responsive to your needs. With the touch of a button, close all your shades before you leave for work. Automate your schedule so your blinds tilt open and closed to maximize the energy efficiency and light in your home or set your curtains to close at bedtime to get the best sleep each night. Here are a few reasons we believe PowerViewⓇ is essential to the modern home routine: 

VignetteⓇ Roman Shades with PowerViewⓇ Motorization, Smart blinds by Hunter Douglas near Tacoma, Washington (WA)

Ease of Use

With the PebbleⓇ Remote control or the PowerViewⓇ App, adjusting all the window coverings in your home can happen with the simple touch of a button. No more walking all around your house, tugging and twisting each one into the right orientation. Now, closing up your house to head to work (or better yet, leave on vacation!) is easy. It gets better: connect your window treatments with PowerViewⓇ to your favorite home assistant, and you don’t even have to stop what you’re doing to get the sun out of your eyes. PowerViewⓇ integrates with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant for maximum voice-controlled convenience.

Automatically Better

What’s the only thing easier than adjusting your Hunter Douglas window treatments with a voice command or the push of a button? Not thinking about it at all. Set up a routine through your home assistant device so that your window coverings open and close at the right time every day. This feature is especially great for busy professionals who are always on the run or those who travel frequently. Never choose between being on-time for your meeting or closing your blinds; Schedule them ahead of time so all you have to do is grab your coffee and go. PowerViewⓇ will handle the rest for you. 

Access from Anywhere

Home security is an important reason to have good window coverings, and with the Remote Connect™ feature, you can adjust your PowerViewⓇ shades from anywhere in the world. Open and close your blinds to control view-through and make it seem like your home, so you know your house is safe even when you’re far away. 

Great Looks + Great Convenience

With the wide array of styles available with PowerViewMotorization, you don’t have to choose between great looks and great convenience. You can have it all. PowerViewis available on most Hunter Douglas window treatments. Our favorites include: VignetteRoman Shades, DuetteHoneycomb Shades, Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters, and ParklandWood Blinds. Add another layer with PowerView enabled Design Studio™ Drapery for a finished design with maximum convenience.

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